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What is the Pantone Matching System (PMS)?


If you’ve worked with screen printers or embroiderers in the past you’ve inevitably come across the acronym PMS (and no that’s not what I’m talking about).  Pantone LLC is a company focused on all things color and they have developed a color matching system such that printers, designers, end users can all agree on a…

Look Like the Pro’s with Kobe


BUNYANprint is proud to carry the entire line of Kobe Sportswear including their full line of Hockey Jerseys, Baseball Jerseys and warm up gear.  They are made in Canada of the highest quality materials and we can source a jersey or uniform to match most any NHL team.  There are many grades of jerseys to…

Use Discharge Printing for a Unique Look

BUNYANprint Discharge Print

BUNYANprint discusses the use of Discharge Printing for creating unique screen printed materials and a soft hand.