Hockey Jerseys

Custom Ice Hockey JerseyBUNYANprint is proud to be able to supply some of the leading manufacturers of custom hockey jerseys around. From blank hockey jerseys up to fully sublimated custom jerseys we’ve got you covered. We currently carry Kobe Sportswear, Teamwork Athletic,  as well as Easton custom sublimated jerseys. Choose an NHL styled jersey or hundreds of other color combinations. If you want to go full custom we can help you there as well sourcing your custom sewn jersey work of art. If you can think it we can create it and truth be told if we could scrap it all for hockey, we’d do it!

Hockey Jersey Decoration Options

When it comes to customizing some of the hundreds of different stock jerseys out there we really have 3 roads we can go down which vary in terms of style and price.  The most economical method is screen printing which is usually fine for a practice style jerseys or lower end models but we wouldn’t recommend that decoration option on higher end jerseys.  Jerseys aren’t straight forward to screen print with the mesh and different fabric types and don’t generally offer as good as a base as say a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

A second option is heat press applied customization.  This is a good middle of the road alternative and provides the capability to cover over the mesh holes often on a hockey jersey.  There are a variety of options here from heat applied vinyl designs, heat applied screenprint designs or our favorite heat applied simulated stitched letters and numbers.  This is a great way to get some customization without breaking the bank and looking like a high end sports team.  It looks like a Tackle Twill or applique embroidery application but is a heat pressed product.  Please don’t confuse heat pressing with ironing on.  We use commercial heat presses with exacting pressure, heat and dwell time to ensure a permanent bond of materials.  One of our hockey teams has been using a heat applied setup on a set of jerseys for years without any wear and tear.  They still look great.

Another which you will see represented on any professional hockey team is tackle twill or applique embroidery.  This involves cutting out pieces of twill fabric that are then stitched to the jersey by a high end embroidery machine.  As far as looks there is no equal but it does cost more than the previously mentioned methods.  Size does matter with tackle twill and the bigger the design, the more stitches the higher the cost.  But if you want to look just like the Vancouver Canucks or your favorite NHL team this is the way to go.

Since there are so many options we can’t easily provide direct pricing for all of the different methods so Contact Us for a quote and we’ll get back to you pronto.