What is the Pantone Matching System (PMS)?


If you’ve worked with screen printers or embroiderers in the past you’ve inevitably come across the acronym PMS (and no that’s not what I’m talking about).  Pantone LLC is a company focused on all things color and they have developed a color matching system such that printers, designers, end users can all agree on a common color scheme so that when you want your shirt to be a particular color red that’s what the screen printer is going give you.

The Pantone matching system defines a formula guide that includes 1,114 solid Pantone colors.  You can purchase a coated and uncoated set from Amazon. Pantone Plus Series FORMULA Guides Solid Coated & Uncoated (Two-Guide Set).  This is the same set we use here at BUNYANprint to sanity check our colors before printing.  Using our sophisticated PMS system of inks we can approximate any of the Pantone Colors and best of all for you we will do that at no additional charge.

How Do I Use Pantone Colors in Adobe Illustrator?

It’s very simple to work with Pantone colors in Adobe Illustrator because the various Pantone Color Books are included in the swatches library.  First click on the down arrow in the Swatches window to bring up the swatch options and navigate to -> Open Swatch Library -> Color Books -> Pantone Solid Coated

You’ll now have the entire library of Pantone Colors to work with.  Knowing the exact Pantone colors you are working with makes it abundantly easier for the BUNYANprint team to accurately print your artwork.

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